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Here goes the famous quote, “Change is the only constant in life.” Yes, in order to grow in life, change is necessary. We strive and do our best every day so that we become a successful human being. During this struggle, we have to undergo various kinds of changes on continuous basis. For example, changing a city, changing a job, and changing a line of basis, changing the stream of career, changing governments, and much more.

We accept change in our personal and day-to-day lives. For instance, getting a new haircut is a change, changing our mobile handset also counts a change, and so on. On the same parlance, adopting a new fashion trend or style also constitute change in our personal lives. Changing our wardrobe and personal style leads to a huge amount of change in our confidence level and style of living.

We can say upgrading a wardrobe instead of saying changing our wardrobe. Wardrobe upgrading does not mean spending half of the bank balance. We can become fashionable and up-to-date by adding a few unique pieces of clothing and accessories to our wardrobe which are at affordable prices and yet chic and classy.

The point is to buy some trendy clothing and accessories and accept the new change in you. So, welcome a new you who is fashion-forward, daring and exciting and willing to take risks in terms of fashion clothing and accessories.

Now, who will help you in making such a big change in your fashion wardrobe? Yes, there is someone who is willing to offer you with the best clothing and accessories at the best prices. It is known as Rosegal. At Rosegal, you will find an extensive collection of trendy and contemporary fashion clothing and accessories. On a few clicks, your order will be delivered at your doorstep and you become a fashionista in much lesser time.

So, get ready to experience the new fashion world with Rosegal.

Rosegal Clothing

Launched by a group of friends, Rosegal became a popular global brand with the passage of time. The primary motive of Rosegal is to share fashion trends to each and every fashion-forward woman across the globe. They have won hearts of many devoted fashion followers by offering both vintage and modern styles. The endless possibilities of fashion clothing and accessories at Rosegal will help you in creating your own fashion statement and build and impact on the others.

Fashion Clothing

Various Clothing Segments

You can find everything for everyone on this portal. Women apparel, men apparel, women accessories, men accessories, home décor items, and much more are available in a wide variety.

Rosegal Reviews

The Rosegal reviews section is beneficial for those who want to check the impact of the products on the customers who have purchased them previously. It could be garden supplies, or a brooch or even cardigan, you have reviews for every product you like and choose to buy.


1. According to the creators and designers at Rosegal, fashion is an attitude and a lifestyle we need to adopt rightly. They share with some of the loving fashion statements.

2. Along with vintage and modern styled clothing and accessories at reasonable prices, the customer service team at Rosegal is nice and friendly in resolving our doubts and enlightening us with the latest fashion deals.

3. Rosegal designers offer contemporary fashion and accessory items for modern-styled women. These styles look extremely classy and do not look outdated at all.

4. They offer a perfect blend of vintage and modern designs, creating a unique combination of classy and chic look.

5. For all those women looking out fashionable and edgy clothing of plus sizes, this is the right place to hit upon.


You have to be a bit patient in getting the charming styles till your doorstep.

Shipping and Handling Information

Rosegal adopts a systematic approach in various stages such as order processing, shipping and handling and delivery of the products to the customer. Let us understand it in short.

When we place an order for an apparel or accessory, we receive an intimation about the order placement from Rosegal instantly.

The order processing time depends whether the product is in stock or not. If the product that you ordered is in sufficient stock, then your order will be shipped within 1 working day. However, if the product is not in stock, then it may require 3-5 business days for the order to ship. Once your order is shipped, you will receive another email stating the same along with the package tracking details.

If you would like to check with the international shipping rates, then you always do the same by referring the portal. The customer service team will be ready to serve you by resolving your product delivery queries and doubts.

Promotional Offers

As soon as you hit the home page of Rosegal, you will be welcomed with shopping coupons and codes. Hence, be ready to experience the first divine experience of shopping at an exceptional value.

They have seasonal and festive sales wherein products are sold at discounted rates. In order to receive information about these regular sales and promotional offers, it is better to subscribe for the Rosegal newsletter. The newsletter is a bundle of joy and happiness for all fashion lovers across the world. You will not only be updated with the current sales and offers but you will also get the latest fashion updates and trends on regular basis. So, you can change your wardrobe with a touch of style and sensation!

Rosegal also has a unique scheme known as Rosegal Points Mall. In this program, you earn points as you shop certain products. These points are later utilized for shopping more products and saving money on them. Thus, you gain when you shop. However, it is recommended for a new user to read all the terms and conditions pertaining to Rosegals Points Mall. In case you have certain doubts, you can resolve those with the help of support team beforehand.

You can even grab some dazzling deals at the Sale section.

Brand popularity

Thus, Rosegal gives you every opportunity to come out of the usual wardrobe and try and experiment new fashion styles. Explore the fashionable lady in you by shopping more at Rosegal. Don’t be a fashion-backward woman, always be a fashion-forward girl!