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Shop Till You Drop With Sammydress.Com

Jane was irritated that day. She had a friend’s wedding party on coming Sunday. Her Saturday was already booked by a dentist appointment and then, with a dance class. She had no time to go to the mall and shop for a new outfit.

“Why don’t you try online shopping? I will suggest you with some of the best sites...” Susan suggested her but Jane was adamant to listen. “No. No way. I don’t like online shopping. I have always been disappointed while online shopping. You remember, last time the dress was devastating.” She smirked.

“No, Jane. It is not always disappointing. You should know where to hit the button.”

Finally, Jane decided to visit the portal of and was amazed with the variety. She was reluctant to place the order as she had always been carried away by the other sites’ images and product descriptions. But that was not the case with Sammydress.

The royal blue dress she received was exceptionally beautiful, of excellent quality and it was delivered to her within the given time period. She wore it in her friend’s wedding party and received compliments from her friends.

Well, that is Jane’s story. What about you? Are you fed up with online shopping portals and do not wish to try a new one? Well, there is no harm in trying. We would recommend you to visit the online shopping portal of Sammy dress and give it a try. Here are some details about the same.

Sammydress Clothing

Sammydress is a global wholesale supplier of exquisite clothing and accessories along with exceptional customer service. They aim to add stunning pieces of clothing and accessory items by understanding the varied fashion needs of its customers. Thus, you get a best quality product at a competitive price.

Fashion Clothing

Various Clothing Segments

You get to shop a wide variety of clothing segments such as casual dresses, party dresses, work wear, children’s toys, men’s clothing, home décor items, lifestyle products, accessories, shoes, belts, wigs, lingerie and much more.

Sammydress Reviews

If you want to know more about the quality of a specific product, visit the Sammydress Reviews section of the website.


1. In order to provide a memorable shopping experience to the customers located worldwide, the website is available in multiple languages. So, customers located in Italy, France, Germany, USA and other countries can shop online using the particular language. Sammydress overcomes all language barriers and brings together worldwide customers at one place.

2. It caters to the fashion needs of personal buyer, store owner or a business owner looking for wholesale suppliers.

3. The online portal contains a huge variety of trend-setting and exciting clothing and accessories for men and women.

4. Sammydress experts continuously update their product base by adding new pieces of clothing and accessory items. Hence, every day, when you surf the website, you can see various kinds of new products on it and shop for those.

5. Sammydress knows that buyers all over the world look for updated fashion styles and statements. Hence, the designers constantly take efforts to add a variety of products to its database.

6. The prices of the products are competitive. You buy best quality products at affordable, wholesale prices.

7. They have tied with the best international shipping companies, providing you with the best and convenient shipping methods.

8. The customer support team is available all the time to help you resolve a grievance, clear a doubt or simply help you in choosing the right products.


Only one, shop till you drop!

Shipping & Handling Details

Sammydress team values interests and satisfaction levels of each customer. Hence, they provide convenient and safe shipping methods to its customers. You can select from various shopping options, right from postal method to fast delivery option.

When you place an order, Sammydress team verifies the order detail, including the payment you have made. This is the first step in the order processing. If you want to cancel your order instantly before the payment has been authorized by the team, you cannot do so. You will have to wait till the payment is authorized and then, you can cancel or modify the order as per your wish. Do not worry, as Sammydress team is extremely supportive.

It takes 3 business days to process your order and ship as Sammydress is particular in conducting quality checks on the products. Moreover, the stock availability will also determine the order processing time. If there are certain stock availability problems, then it may require 5-10 business days for your order to process. You can be patient because you will get the best lovely pieces of clothing.

There are instances when the customer does not receive the package. In such cases, you can contact the customer service team by raising a ticket online. The customer service representative will immediately get in touch with you.

Promotional Offers

Do not forget to visit the portal during stock clearance sale and when the company issues shopping codes and coupons. The real funs starts when you enter the website for the first time and began receiving shopping coupons in your inbox. Yes, they know very well that we love shopping more when we receive gifts, shopping codes and discounts.

If you have really liked the product at Sammydress, then you can even join their VIP program that offers exclusive offers to its members. It is suggested to read all the given information on the website regarding these programs. In case of any doubts, get them resolved from the customer support team.

Another piece of good news for Sammydress customers is the initiative called S Points program. The first step to score S points is to register yourself with the portal and then, simply shop. You score more points when you post product reviews with images. When you have enough S points, you can use them as discount for further shopping. Thus, you are shopping more and more, and saving more too.

Brand popularity

Sammydress is one such global online shopping portal that aims in satisfying the fashion requirements of customers from all over the globe. In short, Sammydress lets you shop till you drop online. You do not have to assign specific time slot for shopping on weekends. While commuting to office or during lunch, you can browse through the website and pick up the best deals. Get ready for that weekend blast in your new perfect outfit.